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  • Thunda Tugga Gorilla - Large

    $45.95 $37.95

    Thunda Tugga Gorilla

    Tug, squeak, and play all day long with the Charming Pet Thunda Tugga Gorilla.

    Give your dog a boredom-killer that’s sure to keep them entertained for hours with the Charming Pet Thunda Tugga Gorilla Plush Rope Toy!

    Watch your dog go bananas over this fun and squeaky toy! The Thunda Tugga Gorilla features unique pull-through arms that squeak when your dog chomps and tugs on them. The arms allow for easier tugging play and are floppy and flimsy to attract your pet’s attention. Made with strong, yet soft, corduroy material on the outside and K9 Tuff Guard denier fabric and stitching on the inside, this extra tough dog toy can withstand longer playtime for endless entertainment for your dog.


    “Charming on the outside and tough on the inside” is what Charming Pet’s pet toys are all about. Charming Pet developed a way to create stronger and tougher toys by having a layer of non-rip denier canvas to prevent wear and tear on the toy. The seams, which are often the first areas of tears and rips, are reinforced with double stitching and nylon material to keep the toys together for longer. The outer fabrics used on Charming Pet dog toys are also meant to be protective and durable layers of fabric (e.g., latex or corduroy) that are comfortable for your dog to play with.


    • Plush and squeaky dog toy with unique pull-through arms for back-and-forth tugging play time
    • Squeaky arms to entice your dog to pull and tug for active and stimulating fun
    • Made with corded corduroy material on the outside for extra durability
    • Constructed with K9 Tuff Guard – strong seams and durable denier fabric on the interior to prevent wear and tear and increase playtime
    • Floppy arm movements attract your pet’s attention and encourage them to play

    Dimensions: Approximately 48.3cm x 30.5cm x 13.2cm

    T&C Apply - Toys and Treats are ONLY available with any dog food purchase, this is a RSPF Special Deal offering our valued customers savings on toys and treats that we will have available from time to time!