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    Essential Vitamins by The Right Start are formulated as a booster for your dogs immune system, keeping in mind with a healthy raw diet, dogs do not require supplements; however in the not so perfect world due to stress from illness, injury, exercise, growth, surgery, pregnancy and anxiety this essential blend may assist in the ability of recovery and overall wellbeing for their essential health.


    - Immune booster, aids in recovery from surgical procedures, stress from sickness and excessive exercise in particular working dogs

    - combat viruses like kennel cough

    - resistance to skin related diseases

    - aids in collagen development

    - pregnancy and lactation support, protects/reduces stress both mother and puppies

    - enhancing white blood cell function and activity together with increased blood levels of interferon (the body's natural antiviral anti-cancer compound)

    - through exercise, hunting/sport/recreational activities, improves muscle recovery and performance

    - aids in anxiety/stress/aggression

    Ingredients:- Vitamin C Ascorbic Acid - Vitamin B Complex - Potassium - Magnesium

    Instructions:- Mix in The Right Start readymade meals daily

    Small dogs & puppies 1/4 ts

    Medium dogs 1/2 ts

    Large dogs 1 ts

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    Love the product
    My Staffy suffers food allergies. This product is the first she has not reacted to even through the transitioning from her previous food. He skin & hot spots are clear from irritation. Highly recommended!