Raw Dog Food Delivered
  • Bone Broth


    Nutrient rich bone broth - made from 100% organic ingredients - gentle simmered over 72 hours extracting maximum nutrients from bones preserving quality, releasing collagen based amino acids, making this an excellent way to maintain your dog in optimum conditional health.

    Add this to our natural raw diet, complementing as a natural supplement for immune system health, supporting joints, skin, hair, nails.

    USE - daily supplement for extra nutrients, immunity boost recovery from illness and or surgery.  Nourishing for gut flora, aids in nervous system, healing of wounds and whelping. 

    All this goodness in one serve - 10 serves per bottle, serving suggestions 50 ml mixed through 250g of your favourite signature raw meals or 250g as a nutritional beverage.

    WHY - mineral rich infusion made from raw bones providing an excellent source of minerals, high in calcium, magnesium and phosphorus, high in amino acids proline and glycine vital for healthy connective tissues. An excellent supplement for growth, health and good conditioning.

    -joint care

    -high in amino acids


    -immune boost

    -improved digestion

    -gut health

    -protein rich

    -gluten free

    -non gmo

    -free from preservatives & additives


    100% Organic Roo Bones - Apple Cider Vinegar - Turmeric - Celery - Parsley